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    2015 was a pretty kickass year. Playing gigs all around Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast in between everything from bush parties to half pipes; opening up for DOA was definitely the most adrenalizing highlight of it all! Even though there had been road block after road block while recording and publishing our first 5-song release entitled D.E.M.O. (Deconstruct Everything Mediocre and Obnoxious), it’s finally finished!!! …After getting kicked out of the basement and the neighbourhood, the rest of the EP was left to be recorded in a moldy abandoned house at the local garbage dump. Huge shout out again to Cat Nip for throwing up the giant mural for the cover art of D.E.M.O. If you want to see it in person it’s down by second beach in front of the floating Hulks here in PR. Checkout his page while listening to the songs below! Razorvoice has also been able to start up and contribute to “The Music Revolution” which has been igniting the local all-ages music scene in Powell River while bringing in killer out-of-town acts to our new venue called “The BOMB” (The old Bank Of Montreal Building in townsite with the old vault still locked up. We’re going to open it up soon to hopefully find a whole bunch of old school gold and vintage fender strats.) Powell River has been feeling small, but it’s been easy loathing in it’s laid back perks and quirks of inexpensive rehearsal spaces and laid back attitudes. However it’s time to move onto bigger cities and the sweaty touring life in a couple months so we can be surrounded by some other grungy punk bands and fans who are into screaming through some distorted Jawbreaker and Ramones-esque anthems while wearing a Billy Talent shirt with a Queens of The Stone Age tattoo. See you in the pit, and bring the poutine!

“… As for our band name Razorvoice… well it’s spelt like “razor”, like razorblades, cause when we sing, we’re not perfect angels with a beautiful pure tone, it’s more like we’ve been cut up by razorblades; jaded, rough and raspy, just trying to make the most out of what we have. To me, the name Razorvoice feels powerful with strong sentimental value behind it. I’ve seen enough people close to me succumbing to not standing up for themselves, and letting fear control their lives, and the message I want to deliver behind the music of this band, is for listeners to raise their voice. As in if someone’s in an abusive situation, relationship or scenario; RAISE YOUR VOICE, make yourself heard, stand up for yourself. Life is too precious to live it in misery and negativity. However, through all the pressures built up in this whacked out modern society we’ve been raised in, such as;needing to have the steady job to pay the debt we’re born into, wasting away our world by over-consuming with careless pollution in return for a boost in a false economy, as well as mindlessly following in obsolete immoral footsteps of past generations – are all such poor excuses and distractions from our individuality, self improvement and true potential. Everyone has their own voice and if it’s raised loud enough, it has the ability to cut through any bullshit like a razor to make life morale and more than worth while for everyone – except for oil corporation CEOs and politicians, those guys are puppet-strung pricks.”

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Opened up for DOA last night…

Any day you get to share the stage with Doug, Mike and Joey is a good day. Thanks to Doug for promoting the show, shout out to our buds in Pussycocks for killing it, and everyone else including Will for making the night so

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