Aciclovir (Aciclovir)
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Product description: Aciclovir is an antiviral drug. It slows the growth and spread of the herpes virus so that the body can fight off the infection.
Active Ingredient: Aciclovir
Aciclovir as known as: Aclovirax, Uniclovyr, Aviral, Alovir, Herpesil, Provirsan, Compaclovir, Novirex, Acevir, Herpavir, Zoter, Antix, Zoral, Acivirex, Acerpes, Acirovec, Actidas, Opthavir, Silovir, Vironida, Citivir, Medovir, Awirol, Herperax, Cicloviral, Xorovir, Danovir, Zovicrem labial, Zobistat, Euroclovir, Clovate, Verpir, Viratac, Viralex, Astric, Klovir, Clyvorax, Riduvir, Nu-acyclovir, Aciclomerck, Aciclosina, Virex, Pulibex, Ziverone, Aciclo basics, Aciclovirum, Efriviral, Hermocil, Cyclovir, Eurovir, Viralief, Qualiclovir, Bellvirax, Simplevir, Aciherp, Herpelad, Asiviral, Herpevir, Zoraxin, Clovimix, Ranvir, Esavir, Vircovir, Hernovir, Acycril, Virlex, Uniplex, Temiral, Herpex, Geavir, Aciklovir, Tomill, Acyclo-v, Virzin, Virtaz, Virux, Zoviraxlabiale, Rexan, Oftavir, Declovir, Acix, Virmen topico, Clirbest, Poviral, Herpleks, Vyrohexal, Acyl, Abduce, Avirase, Vivorax, Lisovyr, Cloviral, Cevirin, Vacrax, Herpesnil, Acycloguanosine, Virupos, Aciclobene, Euvirox, Koortslip da, Antivir, Grosparl, Viromed, Zorax, Virine, Zoylex, Acihexal, Virpes, Sophivir, Iliaclor, Erpaclovir, Erpizon, Ozvir, Zoliparin, Elvirax, Viroclear, Aciclovin, Virherpes forte, Zobiatron, Zobiclobill, Zidovimm, Zovir, Herzkur, Amitrox, Viraban, Cycloviran, Vireth, Acyvir, Cargosil, Acivirol, Aklovir, Herpial, Acy, Clopes, Zyclorax, Acivision, Fuviron, Lovrak, Actios, Herpesin, Bearax, Quavir, Aciclomed, Zeramil, Herpolips, Viralis, Acivir, Apofarm, Hascovir, Ciclavix, Natazil, Cloryvil gmp, Herpomed, Airnurse, Vicclox, Virolex, Activir, Acyclostad, Maynar labial, Cyclomed, Virless, Hermixsofex, Virules, Zov 800, Herax, Bel labial, Neldim, Palovir, Virulax heumann, Avorax, Virusan, Clovirax, Licovir, Lovire, Herpiclof, Viruderm, Avyclor, Sevirax, Helvevir, Amodivyr, Docaciclo, Blistex, Vilerm, Aciklam, Aciclovax, Herpelans, Mapox, Helposol, Virucalm, Vivir, Ratio-acyclovir, Zyclir, Xiclovir, Acyrovin, Aciclostad, Nockwoo acyclovir, Viroxi, Vizocross, Aciclin, Virestat, Dioxis, Vercusron, Viratop, Apo-acyclovir, Entir, Acilomin, Supraviran, Acifar, Acitop, Avix, Heviran, Cyclovex, Avyplus, Supra-vir, Avir, Cyclostad, Cloviril, Zyvir, Lovir, Cloviran, Ailax, Menova, Sanavir, Acyclovid, Avirox, Ecuvir, Scanovir, Virostatic, Acitab dt, Zevin, Virucid, Asiclo, Erlvirax, Herplex, Clinovir, Dynexan herpescreme, Viruhexal, Laciken, Zinolium aciclovir, Xorox, Virustat, Syntovir, Acyrax, Virest, Hagevir, Molavir, Remex, Acic, Dravyr, Voraclor, Herpin, Aciclobeta, Etasisen, Cyclovax, Cusiviral, Cevinolon, Cyclivex, Vidaclovir, Telviran, Virosil, Immunovir, Novirax, Virusteril, Aciclodan, Neviran, Roidil, Aciclor, Clovir, Pharrax, Mevirox, Herpetad

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